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Sisters Danielle and Laura Kosann started their online magazine - The New Potato - in May 2013, and have always been self-proclaimed anti-foodie foodies. In other words, their food experience has always been as much about what surrounds a plate asitis what's on it. Just asVogue presents the world through the lens of fashion, Vanity Fair through the lens ofentertainment, Rolling Stone through the lens of music, The New Potato presents the world through the lens of food.  

The brand pushes the boundaries of what we traditionally know as a food destination. Just aswine and appetizers break the ice at a dinner party, food starts the conversation at The New Potato and allows the Sisters Kosann to then move into anything and everything that piques their tastebuds. In producing their content, they operate like the old Hollywood studios: With the Feature Presentation they publish for their readers just once daily, they approach and present entertainment, fashion, design and lifestyle cinematically, through that food lens and always as a production. It's why they've also expanded from an online magazine, to a full-on creative agency.  

Features on their site have ranged from scripting and producing videos with celebrity cameoslike Katie Couric to photo-shoots and interviews with talent such as Neil Patrick Harris, Robert De Niro, Lily Collins and Tracee Ellis Ross. The two also have a cookbook coming out with Random House in Spring 2018.