Danielle is a New York City-based entrepreneur and co-founder of Sakara Life, an organic, plant-based meal delivery program that sources fresh, nutrient-dense ingredients to help clients achieve transformative, healing and lasting results.

Hailing from the spiritual mecca that is Sedona, Arizona, Danielle came toNew York City as a pre-med collegiate, studying biochemistry. Supporting herself through school asan actress and model, she found herself caught inthe throes of a dysfunctional relationship with food and dissatisfied with her own body. A desperate search for a life change, a more soulful connection with food and her body, and a desire for continued education in the health sciences led her to study at the renowned Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN). After graduating from the program and successfully transforming her own relationship with her body and food, Danielle combined her personal experience with her nutrition expertise to create a meal program that has helped thousands of individuals change their lives through the healing powers of food.