Kathleen Wright is the CEO and founder of Piece & Co., a social enterprise that is reimagining the global supply chain, creating high-quality socially and environmentally sustainable fabrics and finished goods.  As a microfinance expert who specialized in the nonprofit sector with artisan cooperatives, Kathleen launched Piece & Co. with the mission to empower women and artisan communities indeveloping nations. She realized that the problems artisans face gobeyond access to capital and that without strong connections to a sustainable market and access to vital business training, skilled artisans would have difficulties staying in business. Piece & Co. was created from her passion to provide better alternatives to the traditional textile and production industry, creating materials that are as beautiful as they are sustainable. Wright’s determination has provided sustainable fabrics to brands that range from Nike and Banana Republic to Mara Hoffman and Tory Burch. In addition tobuilding a bridge between the artisan communities and the global fashion industry, environmentally sustainable practices are being implemented into communities of more than 5,000 artisans through Wright’s vision. Prior to founding Piece & Co., Wright spent four years as the director of Sales and Marketing at Nest. She holds a degree inbusiness from the University of Illinois.