Molly Guy, Creative Director and Co-Founder of Stone Fox Bride, grew up in Chicago, came of age in the nineties and fled the Midwest at the age of eighteen. By then her pop-culture obsessed psyche was thoroughly saturated by the decade’s greatest hits: black lights, black lipstick, doc boots, bodysuits, Betsey Johnson, Lady Miss Kier, Kurt Cobain, Commes Des Garcon and more. Twenty years later, it is this precise hybrid of grunge, couture and rock + roll that have infused her company with a dark, romantic edge that is punk, ethereal and constantly evolving. Named one of the “Most Creative People” by Fast Company and Refinery 29’s “Top 30 Visionaries," Molly is currently the Weddings Editor at and finishing up the Stone Fox Bride book (Random House, 2017).  She lives in Brooklyn with her husband and daughters.