We are not just another festival. We are the Other Festival. Connecting, building and supporting our entrepreneurial spirits in the face of an ever changing world.

We are the best, the strongest, the boldest of our generation. We are a squad of renegade businesswomen in the form of artists, musicians, chefs, photographers, tech founders, activists, inventors, storytellers, designers, and we are here to make things happen.

Don't miss out on the biggest cultural event of the year as The Other Festival showcases the talented makers who are breaking the rules and redefining how business is done. Check out what we have in store.

And this is only the beginning of our story.


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A Million Roads Start Right Here



Influential creatives, inspirational trailblazers and pioneering entrepreneurs share insights on their creative process and the path to success, via panels, demos, talks and masterclasses. Previous speakers include Naomi Campbell, Jenna Lyons (J Crew), Rosario Dawson, Katia Beauchamp (Birchbox), Jennifer Hyman (Rent the Runway), Reshma Saujani (Girls Who Code) and Laura Brown (InStyle).



Talented female makers are invited to showcase their work in the Other Shops. They can connect personally to our attendees and share their business experiences, as well as sell their products and services to audiences and potential buyers and investors. 

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Artists, photographers, authors, chefs, filmmakers and other visual artists bring the event to life with thought provoking installations and demos.


On Our Blog

Creators we love tell us how they made it, where they call home and the mantras they live by


Yasmin Green

Thinker, Doer, Head of Research & Development at Google's think tank "Jigsaw"

Don't ever say that you don't have time to do something. Don't think of time as something that escapes you or shortchanges you. Everyone's day contains the same amount of time. The only true reflection of your priorities is how you decide to spend your time.


Chelsea Leyland

DJ, Actress, Advocate

Go towards wise people, they don’t necessarily have to be intellectually intelligent, successful or famous but if they feel wise and grounded and nurture you, then those are the people who you want to surround yourself with. It’s about heading towards people who make you a better version of yourself, support you, and make you feel good.


Abrima Erwiah

Co-founder, Studio 189

My interest is in going where people won’t go, in trying to build where people won’t build, in seeing potential in everything and everyone. I believe in the impossible and I try my best to make the impossible, possible. It's a gift and a curse.