Yasmin Green

Thinker, Doer, Head of Research & Development at Google's think tank "Jigsaw"

With one goal in mind - to make the internet a safer place around the world, Yasmin Green is eternally hopeful. Growing up in the age of trailblazing women, such as Margaret Thatcher, Yasmin Green was able to see women in power while becoming a powerful woman herself.


Q: Where is home?
A: Where my husband is. When he's not on tour, that place is Brooklyn.

Q: Mantra you live by:
A: "Give a damn." (My friend Tennessee Thomas wrote the message on a shirt last year; perfect timing).

Q: How would you describe yourself in 3 words?
A: Hopeful, compassionate, audacious.  

Q: Favorite song of all time
A: "I Love Trash" by Oscar The Grouch.

Q: Complete the sentence: I got my big break when…
A: I moved to New York to build the part of Google that builds technology to make people around the world safer.

Q: Last album you listened to
A: "Ape in Pink Marble" by Devendra Banhart

Q: A woman you admire?
A: Margaret Thatcher. Though she was not universally liked during her near decade-long reign as the Prime Minister of the UK, she was a female powerhouse in a field filled with deep prejudice. Because of her, I grew up seeing the highest office and strongest voice in the country be that of a woman.

Q: ‘Other’ is about loving what makes you different. It’s about being yourself. What’s ‘other’ about you?
A: I'm an Iranian British geopolitical techie raising a family with an American Jewish indie rocker husband. So I guess that.

Q: Complete the sentence. When I wake up in the morning I -- -- -
A: Yell back at my wailing progeny -- "I'm COOOOOOOMIING Zeba!!!" -- in the hope that she'll pipe down while I orient myself and behold a bold new day.

Q: Best advice you’ve ever been given
A: Gain credibility from direct experience. One recent example: If you're going to be an expert on online radicalization -- go to Iraq and interview ISIS.

Q: One thing not many people know about you
A: I was a shooting guard for the English Junior National Basketball Squad at 16.

Q: Your advice to an emerging maker
A: Don't ever say that you don't have time to do something. Don't think of time as something that escapes you or shortchanges you. Everyone's day contains the same amount of time. The only true reflection of your priorities is how you decide to spend your time.

Q: Complete this sentence: The future is female because…
A: The future won't be gendered.