Jasmine Solano

DJ, TV Host, International Music Influencer

Jasmine Solano has two world tours under her belt in addition to a show on MTV titled "Scratch the Surface." Most recently, Jasmine launched a non-profit photography series, Unity In Color - which stands for solidarity in Women's Rights - and has since spread to over 10+ cities worldwide. 

Q: Where is home?

A: Right now it’s both NYC and Los Angeles!

Q: Last album you listened to.

A: This isn’t a new release, but I just discovered Y’akato’s “Baby Blues” album and it’s so magical – it’s been on repeat.

Q: A woman you admire?

A: Besides my mother (who will always be #1) – a woman I totally admire right now is Morgan Rhodes. She’s a Music Supervisor and long time DJ. She was the Music Supervisor for Ava DuVernay’s “Selma”, “Queen Sugar”, “The Door” and most recently the new Netflix series “Dear White People”. I’ve had a chance to sit down with Morgan and hear about her life story & deep love for music. The way she’s carved out her own lane in the cross section of music & film is beyond inspiring!

Q: One thing not many people know about you?

A: At one point in college when I was DJing on the radio, I almost got my Feng Shui Practicing Certificate – but decided to focus on music solely. But the principles of feng shui & home design are still my passions!

Q: Complete this sentence: The future is female because…

A: It has to be - to even the playing field. The future needs to celebrate the feminine, be inclusive of women of color, LGBTQ women, women of different backgrounds & faiths. Women have to be seen as necessary decision makers within the work place, the household, the media and the government.

Q: Your advice to an emerging maker?

A: Do your research. Study your craft. Learn about business. Prepare your mind & spirit such that you are confident enough to take the risks required. Longevity comes when you build substance in your brand. Failure is necessary for growth, welcome the journey with a smile and a wink ;)